Anillo de Compromiso Solitario con Diamante Redondo Modelo Murray

Información del diamante:

Forma y estilo de corte: REDONDO BRILLANTE
Grado de color: G
Grado de claridad: VS 2
Grado de corte: VG
Pulido: VG
Simetría: VG
Fluorescencia: NINGUNO

Información del anillo:

 Modelo: Murray
Diamantes laterales: No
Kilataje: 14k
Peso aproximado: (Puede variar dependiendo las tallas y de anillo a anillo)

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Jewel Certificate

At MyP Joyeros® we are known for offering only the most select diamonds on the market.

Graduated diamonds

Each diamond has its international certificate from the different most renowned gemological institutes in the world such as: the International Gemological Institute (IGI®), the Gemological Institute of America (GIA®) , or the Gem Certification and Guarantee Laboratory (GCAL®) . Always looking for the best option in cost, but never neglecting the quality and purity of each stone.

Each of our rings is delivered with the respective diamond certificate, it can be IGI, GIA or GCAL depending on the institute that carried out the report.

All certificates will vary in format and information depending on the stone to which the report belongs, which have the following appearance:

Reporte de muestra