Terms and Conditions

1.- Description of terms and conditions.

The following describes the terms of the legal agreement that govern the relationship between Marion Alberto Márquez Suarez, “MYP JOYEROS” and the CUSTOMER/USER of the latter when accessing, browsing, using or carrying out transactions on the website www.mypjoyeros.com and /or dispose of its products and/or services, THE USER acknowledging that he has read, understood and expresses his willingness to accept these terms and comply with all applicable rules and laws regarding the intellectual assets and confidential information that can be seen on the portal.

  1. Definitions.

  1. “CLIENT” or “USER”: Refers interchangeably to the consumer client of the services and/or products of MYP JOYEROS and/or to the user of the mypjoyeros.com website regardless of the consummation of the contracting of any of the products or services as well as carrying out any transaction through the aforementioned website or the physical stores of MYP JOYEROS.
  2. MYP JOYEROS: Refers to Marion Alberto Márquez Suarez as owner and owner of the jewelry commercial operation called “MYP JOYEROS”, including its official physical stores, through official social networks and the website mypjoyeros.com
  3. WEBSITE: Refers to the mypjoyeros.com website of MYP JOYEROS with digital catalog and online jewelry store.
  4. SERVICES: Refers interchangeably to any of the products and services offered by MYP JOYEROS, including those available through the mypjoyeros.com website.
  5. CATALOG: Refers to the list of products displayed on the website as part of the inventory available for sale of MYP JOYEROS.
  6. SPECIAL ORDER or SPECIAL ORDERS: Refers to the service of creating and customizing jewelry based on the client's specifications in terms of design, quality, materials, prices and any other product variable.

3.- What is MYP JOYEROS and its website?

MYP JOYEROS is a company dedicated to the marketing of jewelry, through its physical branches and its website www.mypjoyeros.com , through which the USER can see the catalog, promotions and buy online.

4.- Registration and Use of the Service.

4.1.- MYP JOYEROS may make available a section on the website for USER registration with the purpose of improving and personalizing the USER's experience. Said registration will at no time be obligatory for the provision of any of the products or services on the website. For the processing of your personal data, consult our Privacy Notice.

4.2.- By using this website, the CLIENT consents to the processing of their data and declares that they are true and correspond to reality. Likewise, the CUSTOMER declares to be over 18 (eighteen) years of age and to have the legal capacity to enter into contracts.

5.- Service availability and inventory.

5.1.- MYP JOYEROS undertakes to have the catalog available on the website as up to date as possible. However, MYP JOYEROS states that the product inventory may vary from one moment to the next and even if a certain product appears as available in the catalog, it may be subject to delivery delays due to inventory depletion, saturation of production capacity, delays. in the supply chain, and others related to the operation, manufacturing and marketing of jewelry. Derived from the above, MYP JOYEROS is not responsible for any dissatisfaction with available inventory that the USER may experience.

5.2.- The USER recognizes that each stone or element that makes up a piece of jewelry is unique in terms of qualitative characteristics, so the USER accepts and acknowledges that prices may vary between the pieces displayed in the catalog and those found in inventory or available for manufacturing similar to those displayed in the catalog as a consequence of the previous paragraph.

5.3.- The USER acknowledges and accepts that product prices may vary from one moment to the next due to market fluctuations beyond the control of MYP JOYEROS. In this sense, the USER releases MYP JOYEROS from liability for any dissatisfaction or affectation that may result from said price fluctuations both prior to the purchase of the product and subsequently.

5.4.- “MYP JOYEROS” does not guarantee that the information on this website is updated or complete, and warns that this site may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. For cases where the user has purchased a product not available in inventory or for which there has been any type of outdated or erroneous advertisement, and which therefore may be subject to fluctuations in price and/or qualitative characteristics with respect to which would be delivered to the USER, “MYP JOYEROS” undertakes to contact the CUSTOMER to confirm the order or return payment. MYP JOYEROS will not be responsible nor will the amounts paid for charges and/or commissions of payment processors be refundable. All descriptions, product photographs, information and materials appearing on this website are provided "as is" and without express or implied warranties on them except those established by law. Some products may appear a little larger or smaller than their actual size due to screen settings and photographic technique. Other items may be represented in a larger size than their actual size, in order to clearly show details; or smaller than its actual size, in order to show the entire item. In this sense, if the USER contracts as a client/user, MYP JOYEROS is obliged to deliver items that comply with the contract, answering to the USER for any lack of conformity that exists at the time of delivery of the product. Likewise, the color tones in the photographs of the store's products on the website may be altered by the resolution of your monitor, and may differ from the real ones. The products we sell may present some variations due to the characteristics of the natural materials used in their manufacturing. These characteristics, such as variations in colors, sizes, textures, among others, will not be considered factory defects or defects of any kind.

5.5.- The information published by “MYP JOYEROS” on the website may contain references or cross-references to products, programs or services of “MYP JOYEROS” that have not been announced or are not available in your country. These references do not imply that “MYP JOYEROS” plans to announce or market said products, programs or services in your country or territory. Likewise, MYP JOYEROS reserves the right to sell and send products to different places in the Mexican Republic and abroad. Please consult mypjoyeros@gmail.com for information on products, programs or services that may or may not be available to you depending on your geographic location.

5.6.- MYP JOYEROS “special orders” for no reason whatsoever, regardless of the marketing channel used for their sale, will be subject to changes and/or returns of any kind, with the customer accepting the result of the product that is presented to them. In this way, the client expressly waives any complaint and/or procedure against MYP JOYEROS derived from non-compliance with the “special order”.

6.- Payment methods and processors

6.1.- MYP JOYEROS may use third-party payment processors, in this regard, the USER agrees to read and accept the terms and conditions of said suppliers for the consummation of a purchase on the website.

6.2.- MYP JOYEROS will not be responsible for damages and dissatisfactions of the USER derived from failures in said payment processors with the understanding that their operation is outside the control and operation of MYP JOYEROS. In such a way that the user releases MYP JOYEROS from all types of responsibility for damages, losses, damages, expenses and legal costs that may arise as a result of the use of the payment processors available on the website.


7.- Billing

7.1.- For Billing, the USER must enter the “Request Invoice” section and send their request to the email mypjoyeros@gmail.com under the subject ““Request Invoice”. The requested invoice must be within the current month in which you made your purchase. Requests for purchase invoices from previous months will not be accepted.

7.2.- When requesting your invoice, you will need to provide the following tax requirements: Federal Taxpayer Registry, Full name or company name, Complete Tax Address including street, neighborhood, district or municipality, state and postal code, as well as your email address at where you will receive your invoice, within 72 hours.

8.- Commissions, withholdings and transfers.

The USER acknowledges and accepts that the services available in the online store of the website may be subject to commissions by payment processors external to MYP JOYEROS that provide additional benefits; as well as tax withholdings and transfers. However, MYP JOYEROS undertakes to make a breakdown of the operation prior to payment.

9.- Cancellation of orders.

9.1.- MYP JOYEROS reserves the right to cancel any order (even if it has been previously accepted), not being responsible for any damage and/or expense, in the following cases:

  1. When an inadvertent error has occurred in the online store; for example a payment or inventory error;
  2. When there are reasons to believe that the USER is a minor or that the payment method to be used does not meet the requirements described in these Terms and Conditions;
  • When the payment information provided by the CUSTOMER is incorrect or unverifiable.

9.2.- If any of these cases are identified, MYP JOYEROS will duly notify you via email, in order to be able to resolve the problem before carrying out any action.

10.- Authenticity and Counterfeits. MYP JOYEROS products are available exclusively on the website and its physical stores. The CUSTOMER must be careful with those products that may be sold through unauthorized channels. To avoid confusion, when purchasing from any authorized establishment, you must confirm whether it is on the list of official MYP JOYEROS points of sale on the website.

11.- Guarantees.

MYP JOYEROS will respond to the CUSTOMER for any factory failure of conformity that the products manifest from the delivery date, within a period of 1 month. The guarantee relating to damage caused by use or improper use is excluded, as well as in general all those excluded by current legislation. All guarantees that are favorable for the client will be responded to by changing a product with the same or similar characteristics in terms of design, quality, size, materials and price, or credit on MYP JOYEROS products for the same quantity/price. final amount that the customer would have paid for the warranty product in question.


12.- Returns and exchanges

12.1.- All purchases made through the platform and/or official social networks will be subject to changes and/or returns as requested by the customer within a period of up to 5 days from delivery of the purchase; After this period, no changes or returns will be allowed. All purchase changes or returns will be subject to requesting the change or return to the email mypjoyeros@gmail.com detailing the following information:

  1. Inform in the title of the message if you want to make an “exchange” or “return”.
  2. Add full name, email and contact phone number.
  • Detail the reason why you wish to make the exchange or return.
  1. Add detailed photographic evidence of the product received.
  2. The customer must present proof of purchase to validate the exchange and/or return. In this sense, the client releases MYP JOYEROS from liability for any exchange or return made by any other person who, in good or bad faith, has the client's receipt and product, with the understanding that it is the exclusive responsibility of the client to adequately safeguard the your purchases and proof of purchase.
  3. Add, if applicable, the bank account information for reimbursement (institution, owner, account, and clabe).

All requests that do not meet all of the aforementioned requirements will be prevented from sending pending information. If the customer does not satisfy all of the requirements within 15 calendar days from the first response received, his or her request for an exchange and/or return will be rejected.

12.2.- Exchanges and/or returns will not be valid when the product is worn or shows evidence of notable use, appears damaged and/or intentionally altered, as well as by accident. In general, the product must be in perfect condition, without damage of any kind and in its original packaging.

12.3.- In all returns and/or exchanges, the final price of the product paid will be considered the balance in favor of the customer. This limitation will apply to all purchases, including without limitation those that had any type of promotion and/or discount, in which the balance to be considered will be the one actually paid by the client. Payment commissions or costs of transportation and shipping of merchandise will not be considered part of the final price.


12.4.- The client must in all cases cover the costs of transportation and shipping of merchandise, if applicable.

12.5.- Having received the product for exchange or return, MYP JOYEROS will proceed to evaluate the product and verify that it has been returned in the same conditions in which it was delivered. Having examined the product, you will be informed whether or not you are entitled to a refund or exchange respectively.

12.6.- All refunds will be made to the payment method that was used to make a purchase. In the event that the refund in question had been paid by credit or debit card, MYP JOYEROS will carry out a direct procedure with the financial institution that houses said card, and will ensure that the refund is made within an approximate period of 20 business days after the favorable return resolution, and the shipping costs have been covered if applicable. The period referred to for reimbursement in the event of a return is estimated with the understanding that it may be subject to setbacks and delays on the part of the financial institution in question.

12.7.- Products purchased through physical stores will not be subject to changes or returns of any kind.

13.- Use Policies

13.1.- Compliance with the conditions of use. By accessing or using the website, you are responsible for compliance with the usage policies. MYP JOYEROS reserves the right to suspend or deny services in the event of contravention or presumption of contravention according to the criteria of MYP JOYEROS to these Terms and Conditions or for acts that harm or have harmed the experience of any user; Subsequently, you may choose to start a period of investigation and clarification for possible reactivation by requesting clarification to the email mypjoyeros@gmail.com in a period not exceeding 7 business days after the suspension of the user account. In this regard, MYP JOYEROS must respond to its resolution within a period of no more than 7 business days. The suspension or refusal of the services referred to will be without the right to any compensation for the USER.

13.2.- Prohibitions . The request for illicit services or in general that violate the privacy, honor or dignity of people will not be permitted. Likewise, anyone prohibited by Mexican legislation, as well as including without limitation, pornography, sexual exchange, immoral content, that which benefits, simulates or represents apologies for crime, self-inflicted harm and/or suicide, or that which threatens the health or public security. Likewise, the request for products or services that violate intellectual property and confidentiality agreements will be prohibited.

13.3.- SPAM and malicious content. You will refrain from using the website to upload or transmit SPAM or unsolicited messages that contravene applicable Mexican legislation; as well as viruses, trojans, worms and any other malicious component.

13.4.- Identity. Identity theft is prohibited through the creation of user accounts or acts of electronic commerce that simulate or pretend to be a person who has not consented to this purpose.

13.5.- Liability for third parties. The USER accepts responsibility for any person who, with or without their authorization, uses their username, with the understanding that it is their responsibility to adequately safeguard the users, emails and passwords registered on the website. Said responsibility includes exempting MYP JOYEROS, its collaborators, suppliers, workers, directors, clients and licensors from liability for damages, losses, expenses and legal costs and any other impact.

13.6.- Legitimate use of the Service. Acts aimed at reverse engineering, hacking, dismantling, interference, modification, copying, translation, and/or alteration of the characteristics, functionality, integrity, and/or performance of the website will be prohibited. Likewise, acts aimed at obtaining unauthorized access to the website and/or related systems; as well as violate, evade, remove, deactivate or in any way deceive any protection software or security mechanisms thereof.

13.7.- Security violations.

13.7.1.- Notifications . You must within 24 hours notify MYP JOYEROS via email to mypjoyeros@gmail.com of any suspected or confirmed fact of security violations with respect to your user or acts of electronic commerce in your name and with your resources. economic without their consent. Including without limitation, theft, fraud, loss, and/or modification of users and passwords.

13.7.2.- Adequate protection. MYP JOYEROS will safeguard the personal data and general information made available to you. However, no digital or physical security measure completely guarantees the impenetrability of the website and the physical information protection schemes. For this reason, USERS agree to be exempt from liability for any type of security violation, theft or loss of information, or any attack against the integrity of the website or personal data, including cases of negligence by MYP JOYEROS, its workers, directors, partners, collaborators, clients and/or licensors.

13.7.3 .- Exemption from security responsibilities. In addition to point 13.7.2 to the widest extent permitted by applicable legislation, MYP JOYEROS, its workers, directors, collaborators and clients will not be responsible for indirect, incidental, consequential, and special damages, or for loss of money, information or any other tangible or intangible property resulting from the use or inability to use the website, including acts of electronic commerce through the website. The foregoing without prejudice to the legislation on consumer protection of a strictly non-waivable nature.

MYP JOYEROS is not responsible if at any time the information provided by the user is deleted or if a failure occurs during the storage process, with the exception of the responsibility for notification of what happened in accordance with data protection legislation. applicable personal.

13.7.4.- Exemption for failures beyond MYP JOYEROS. The USER is responsible for having the services and equipment necessary for browsing the Internet and accessing the website. In case of any incident or difficulty in accessing the registered account, or simply browsing the website without registration, the CUSTOMER can contact MYP JOYEROS at the email mypjoyeros@gmail.com , which will proceed to analyze the incident and give instructions. to the CUSTOMER about how to resolve it in the shortest possible time. MYP JOYEROS will not be liable in case of service interruptions, connection errors, lack of availability or deficiencies in the internet access service, nor for interruptions of the internet network or for any other reason beyond the control of MYP JOYEROS.

MYP JOYEROS is not responsible for any security errors that may occur or for any damage that may be caused to the USER's computer system (hardware and software), to the files or documents stored therein, as a result of the presence of a virus in the user's computer system or mobile terminal that is used to connect to the services and contents of the website.

13.8.- Non-competition. You agree not to use the website to develop a similar website with which it competes; as well as copying the catalog, ideas, functions, images and design of the website, whether they are property in fact or right of MYP JOYEROS.

In this sense, THE USER recognizes and accepts that the website and all its content may not be reproduced, copied, republished, uploaded, published, transmitted, distributed or used for the creation of works and derivative uses without the prior written consent of “ MYP JOYEROS", with the exception that "MYP JOYEROS" grants the USER a non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited permission to access and display the Web pages of this site, solely on its system and for use by its staff, not for commercial use. This permission is conditioned on the USER's compliance not to modify the content displayed here, to keep intact all copyright, trademark and other intellectual property notices and to comply with the terms, conditions and notices that accompany the content of this website or that are established here

13.9.- Exemption from liability and compensation . The USER agrees to exempt from liability and indemnify MYP JOYEROS, its workers, collaborators, directors, licensors and/or clients for any type of liability, damage, loss, or harm derived from misuse of the website by you, your family members. , friends, workers, managers, suppliers, collaborators, clients, partners, and/or any other person acting through you with or without a registered user, with or without your consent, with the understanding that MYP JOYEROS makes available to you in good faith the website for the purposes and scope established in these terms and conditions.

13.10.- Injuries and accidents. The USER exonerates MYP JOYEROS from any responsibility for damages caused by inappropriate use and/or accidents related to the use of products purchased from MYP JOYEROS through the website or its physical stores, with the understanding that MYP JOYEROS only provides in good faith the jewelry catalog and marketing service.

13.11.- T&C and Privacy Notices. By using the website or visiting any of the MYP JOYEROS physical stores, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of use, as well as the Privacy Notices of MYP JOYEROS.

14.- License and Intellectual Property

14.1.- You acknowledge that MYP JOYEROS is the owner of the copyright, trademarks and patents surrounding the website and MYP JOYEROS as a commercial project under the protection of applicable Mexican and international legislation.

14.2.- The use of the website does not generate ownership over intellectual assets in favor of the USER, nor is there authorization to outside the services of temporary storage of images and the request for sending prior fulfillment of elements that must be satisfied can make use of the assets that are stored on the website, being a possibility for the USER to use the page for personal, non-commercial use and subject to the established restrictions and obligations. This permission is conditioned on the USER's compliance not to modify the content shown here, to keep intact all copyright, trademark and other intellectual property notices and to comply with the terms, conditions and notices that accompany the content of the website or that are established here. In addition, any software or other materials made available for downloading, access or other use from this site with their own license terms, conditions and notices will be governed by such terms, conditions and notices. Except for the limited permission in the previous paragraph, “MYP JOYEROS” does not grant the USER either expressly or tacitly any right or license over any patent, trademark, copyright or other intellectual property rights. The USER may not duplicate any part of the content of this site, on another website or on any other medium.

14.3.- MYP JOYEROS, in its possible primary capacity as licensee, may constitute itself as a licensor for the exploitation of some of the components around the website; This issue does not grant the USER authorization to do the same.

15.- Confidential information.

MYP JOYEROS does not wish to receive confidential or proprietary information from the USER through the website. Please note that any information or material voluntarily sent or provided to “MYP JOYEROS” will be considered “non-confidential.” By sending “MYP JOYEROS” any information or material, the USER grants “MYP JOYEROS” an unrestricted and irrevocable license to copy, reproduce, publish, upload, mail, transmit, distribute, publicly display, perform, modify and create derivative works from it, and freely use said information or material in any way. You also agree that “MYP JOYEROS” may freely use any ideas, concepts, knowledge, or techniques that you send us for any purpose. However, we will not publish your name or otherwise make public the fact that you submitted materials or other information to us unless: (a) we obtain your permission to use your name; or (b) we notify you in advance that materials or other information you submit to a specific part of this website will be published or otherwise used with your name included; or (c) we are required by law to do so. The personal data you send to “MYP JOYEROS” in order to receive information about products or services will be treated in accordance with our privacy policies.

16.- Responsibility for Personal Data.

16.1 Responsibility of MYP JOYEROS . MYP JOYEROS will be responsible for the proper treatment of personal data collected voluntarily derived from the use of the website, payments, queries, complaints procedure, clarifications, ARCO rights or any other means that involves the collection of personal data, in accordance with our notice. Of privacy. In this regard, you agree not to exchange sensitive personal data for any reason through the website or through any means of collecting personal data of MYP JOYEROS. MYP JOYEROS reserves the right to definitively cancel the responsible USER or deny the service in general in such cases, without prejudice to the provisions of the Privacy Notice.

17.- Technical Support.

You may contact me by email at mypjoyeros@gmail.com to clarify your doubts and express complaints regarding the website. In this regard, MYP JOYEROS will process your request for clarification or complaint and will respond within 7 business days. The obligation of MYP JOYEROS to respond or the lack of response will not imply submission to any request containing the clarification, request, complaint or communication. Therefore, MYP JOYEROS reserves the right to resolve all situations, at its discretion as it deems appropriate.

18.- Modification of the Terms and Conditions

18.1.- MYP JOYEROS, with the aim of constantly improving the services it offers, reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, these Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy. The USER must carefully read the Terms and Conditions when accessing the website. In any case, their acceptance will be a prior and essential step to make purchases on the website. Likewise, MYP JOYEROS reserves the right to carry out, at any time and without prior notice, updates, modifications or elimination of information contained on its website, in the configuration and presentation of it and the conditions of access, without assuming any responsibility for it. All of the above in order to offer the User the most up-to-date information possible. MYP JOYEROS cannot guarantee the absence of interruptions or errors in access to the website or its content, nor that it is always completely updated, however, it will carry it out, provided that there are no causes that make it impossible or difficult to execute. , and as soon as you are aware of errors, disconnections or lack of updating in the contents, all those tasks aimed at correcting the errors, reestablishing communication, and communicating the contents.

18.2.- The USER may at any time request the cancellation of their username on the website. User cancellation will not mean the forgetting of personal data except by express request.

19.- Establishment of Links.

19.1.- All links to this website must be approved in writing by “MYP JOYEROS” with the exception that “MYP JOYEROS” accepts links in which the link and the pages that are activated by the link do not: ( a) create frames around any of the pages of this website or use other techniques to modify in any way the presentation or visual appearance of any content on this site; (b) invite misunderstanding regarding the relationship of the MYP JOYEROS User; (c) imply that MYP JOYEROS approves or recommends them, their website or their service or product offerings; and (d) give false or ambiguous impressions about “MYP JOYEROS or are in any way harmful to the name or trademarks of you advertised or directly of “MYP JOYEROS

19.2.- MYP JOYEROS reserves the right to deactivate any unauthorized element, links or pictures and specifically disclaims responsibility for the content available on other sites linked to the portal in question. As an additional condition to obtain permission to establish links with this site, the USER accepts that MYP JOYEROS may, at any time and when it deems appropriate, cancel the permission to establish links with this website. If this is the case, the USER agrees to immediately delete all links to this website and stop using any registered trademark of MYP JOYEROS.


20.- Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism. MYP JOYEROS, due to its professional marketing activity of jewelry, stones or precious metals, is subject to the Federal Law on Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin. This means that, among other obligations that are applicable to said condition, MYP JOYEROS must identify and keep a copy of the authentic identity document (INE, Passport, etc.) of any CUSTOMER who makes a purchase equal to or greater than the amounts established by the Mexican authority in jewelry products. This is due to the provisions of the current regulations on the matter. Thus, the USER is aware of said legal obligation and undertakes to send, at the request of MYP JOYEROS, a copy of the authentic identity document to comply with it.

21.- Transfer of rights and obligations.

21.1.- The contract is binding for both the USER and MYP JOYEROS, as well as for our respective successors, assigns and assigns. The USER may not transmit, assign, encumber or in any other way transfer a contract or any of the rights or obligations derived from it, without having obtained the prior written consent of MYP JOYEROS.

21.2.- We may transmit, assign, encumber, subcontract or otherwise transfer a contract or any of the rights or obligations derived from it, at any time during its validity, without the CLIENT's rights being affected in any way.

22.- Complete agreement and partial nullity.

22.1.- These terms and conditions, as well as any document expressly referred to therein, constitute the entire agreement between the USER and MYP JOYEROS in relation to their subject matter and replace any other pact, agreement or previous promise agreed upon between the USER and MYP JOYEROS verbally or in writing.

22.2.- The CLIENT and MYP JOYEROS acknowledge that they have consented to the conclusion of a contract without having relied on any statement or promise made by the other party or that could be inferred from any statement or writing in the negotiations entered into by both of them before the same, except that which is expressly mentioned in these terms and conditions.

22.3.- Neither the CLIENT nor MYP JOYEROS have any action against any uncertain statement made by the other party, verbal or written, prior to the date of a contract (unless such uncertain statement had been made fraudulently) and the The only action available to the other party will be for breach of contract in accordance with the provisions of these terms and conditions.

22.4.- If any of these terms and conditions or any provision of a contract are declared null and void by a final resolution issued by a competent authority, the remaining terms and conditions will remain in force, without being affected by said declaration of nullity.

23.- Validity

The validity of this instrument will be understood to be indefinite as long as the website is used or the user registration account is not cancelled. Without prejudice to what may subsist according to the privacy policy of MYP JOYEROS.


24.- Force Majeure

MYP JOYEROS will not be forced to comply with the obligations of these terms and conditions for reasons of force majeure including without limitation: natural acts of God, fires, vandalism, war, acts of terrorism, and/or express court order.

25.- Nature of the relationship

The use of the website in accordance with these terms and conditions is not a source of a subordinate employment relationship, company constitution, co-investment agreement, participation or any other agreement other than what is expressly stated in the referred instrument.

26.- Jurisdiction

Any judicial proceeding arising from the use of the website in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will comply with the jurisdiction and applicable legislation of the courts of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. Thus renouncing any other jurisdiction that may apply to you by virtue of your present or future domicile.